Krystle Mendoza

Krystle D. Mendoza is currently an undergraduate student at Queens College in New York as a double major in Elementary & Early Childhood Education and Psychology. She was previously majoring in nursing but finally admitted to herself that she wasn't happy pursuing a career in that field. After recently transferring colleges, she is now following through with what she believes is a true passion and wish of hers - to "educate the future" as an elementary school teacher. She decided to take Psychology as a co-major, simply because of her continuous interest in the subject.

Krystle handles the social media management for Artest Media Group and serves as Metta's (as needed) personal assistant whenever he is in NY. She has participated in various community service activities, and was a former dancer, performer, youth instructor and more with a non-profit organization called FAHSI (Filipino American Human Services, Inc.) during her high school years. She is currently involved with Ron Artest Sr's NY based, non-profit organization - The Artest Foundation (TAF) - as their first official volunteer.

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